Axel Feuss – Megacity Action Painting

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Once again Sebastian Heiner journeyed to the Far East to paint. From 2004 till 2008 he maintained a studio in Beijing as well as in Berlin. Soon artists, curators and gallery owners living in China’s capital started to take notice of him. At the end of his duration, works Sebastian made in China were shown in Beijing and in Germany in highly acclaimed solo exhibitions.

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Manuela Lintl – Sebastian Heiner

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The history of painting is often no less suspensful than an exciting historical novel. From the very beginning with prehistoric cave paintings to the strictly iconographic rules of the middle ages, from the blossoming of modernity and on to the battles waged among historicism, naturalism and impressionism in the ninetheenth centrury – all this ultimately leads in the twentieth century to the unleashing of pure paint.

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Yang Jinnan & Zeng Wenjin – Preface

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In the summer of 2005, by chance, I was introduced to Sebastian Heiner by Ling Jian, a Chinese artist living in Germany. Heiner extended a warm invitation fo my wife and me to visit his studio in Suojiacun. When entering his studio, we were stunned by the sight of a large pile of used paint tubes, tissue paper, fly swatters, mops and comps, things that are onmipresent in a farm produce market. We had visited many studios before, but none was in such a mess. The foremost impression on me was “madness”.

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